In 2009, I visited with a realtor friend in Rhode Island and we spent a few days looking at properties.

I found 2 properties I liked. My brother and his wife came in from Virginia and we went to visit one of the homes and we knocked on the door. When the owner answered I told her I grew up in the area but now lived out of state and asked her if we could see the property. She cordially invited us to walk the property and take pictures. She gave us a tour inside and I immediately lost interest but wanted to still take pictures because it’s the oldest wooden lighthouse in the United States. As we were walking, I looked up at the lighthouse, the clouds suddenly cleared and the sun seemed to light the entire house. As my brother and his wife continued walking, I closed my eyes silently asking the lord if he wanted to tell me something. He said you’re going to build a restoration center for me on these grounds.

I called my realtor friend and she told me that both properties were taken of the market that day. She also said her realtor office told her the home with the lighthouse had about 8 offers and the owner wasn’t comfortable with any as she was really looking for more than double the appraised value which I’ve listed in the image below.

As I left we looked at all the properties on the point. There were 6 of them. I once again heard “all this belongs to me.”

I returned to Idaho and thought on this and one morning I hiked up Mount Baldy and sat there speaking in tongues. My thoughts lead me to Noah. He was the first to find grace and I said out loud, OK, how? I’m a software writer. I wouldn’t even know how to run a project like this. He again spoke and said, I said you are going to build it, not run it.

When I got home that night, a believer in my fellowship called and asked if we could watch “Field of Dreams” on movie night. I agreed and as we were watching the movie, my eyes teared up when I heard, “build it and they will come.”

Over the next few months I began researching the Narragansett bay and all regulations regarding alterations to existing structures on properties privately owned.

In addition to municipal zoning conditions, properties in coastal areas are subject to coastal zone management classifications that may carry building and permitting ramifications. These classifications are based on both the water the property abuts and characteristics of the shoreline on or near the property. Coastal or shoreline features such as coastal barriers, dunes, and wetlands have specific regulations and protections under the CRMC. These regulations include structural setbacks, buffers, and rules pertaining to construction and renovating or remodeling older structures. Depending on the property’s proximity to coastal features, there may be implications for new construction, home improvements, and structural alterations.

I believe the lord has givin me a glimpse of his plan. I’m to buy all homes on the point (6) and build dorm style living units like I saw in Gunnison Colorado. The size of the land is about the same as Gunnison, not counting the back 40. I would like to build a huge boardwalk surrounding the entire property. I wanted to name it something like, “the lighthouse fellowship” but nothing seemed to fit and then the lord told me that to deal with goverment bureaucracy and other local agencies and regulations, he wanted me to name it, the “Bay Restoration Center.” (BRC).

I am excited to see his plans for the completion of the BRC.

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I studied Computer Science and Aeronautics at Florida Institute of Technology. While in college I worked for and was mentored by Peter “Micky” Bellantonio, the most sought after muscle therapist in boxing history. I refocused my career in 1973 and continued graduate studies in Neuromuscular Therapy. My clients have included Bob Hope and Andy Williams, professional athletes George Blanda and John Brody, the US Ambassador to Belgium Leonard Firestone and US President Gerald Ford.

In 1981, AT&T developed the first telephone interpretation service. It was the same year that I was a WOW ambassador in Fulton Missouri. I frequently visited the Missouri school for the deaf and witnessed to a counselor who took PFAL. We are still friends today. As I saw the frustrations experienced by deaf children, the Lord told me that video communications in the future would revolutionize the healthcare industry. As data compression technology advanced, I began developing a program capable of streaming 2-way video services online and in 2008 TranStream Global was conceived.

TranStream is a revolutionary cloud-based software program capable of accessing a proprietary database of live linguists able to supply video translation services on-demand to any industry in the world. TranStream is the only solution to the growing human dilemma.

In early 2008, I was completing the code for TranStream and began thinking about relocating to the east coast. At that time, I had not come to the full realization that my course and election was declared from the beginning. I just had a gut feeling I would return there someday.

I had a lot of interest in the software program but most were venture capitalists and not visionaries. The move was pridicated on the sale of TranStream. As technology advanced in the field of data compression, I was continuously upgrading improvements and functions to the code. Transtream had been a work in progress for over 8-9 years.

In 2016, the program was ready. Between February 2016 and December 2016, I traveled to several venture capital meetings presenting Transtream with no success. As the saying goes in the entrepreneur world, I was in VC hell.

I had a few offers but they wanted more of the company than I was willing to let go of. I sent a proposal to Charles Kushner in 2017 who I had met in my professional life before I retired to software. Charles talked to his son’s Jared and Joshua and things were looking up. I had proposed a new agency within Homeland Security called the “Global Communications Initiative”. The U.S. owns secured property (missions and embassies) in over 294 nations and I proposed a system where the government could access translators anywhere needed in the world.

The translation services that are currently available are limited in their ability to probide live video translations in all languages at a reasonable cost 24 hours a day. The need for physical data centers was the largest expense which resulted in high prohibitve per minute costs.

Transtream operates within the cloud, providing the opportunity for Translators to work from their home, college dorm or on the road. Transtream accesses translators around the world and with the new Global Communications Initiative we would have instant access to the majority of languages around the world as well as the largest cloud basd network of cyber servers capable of global connections.

In the middle of 2018, all negotiations ceased. The party’s focus was now on the re-election of President Trump. I was devistated and began writing a few new programs just to keep up with family expenses. I never gave up on the vision the Lord gave me on the WOW field in 1981/1982. I just hadn’t seen the complete picture. In 2019 there was renewed interest with the influx of Virtual Reality programs easilly available online but with COVID, everything was put oh hold.

In late 2021 I was interviewed by Doug Emhoff’s office in Las Angeles as well as Governor Abbott’s in Texas and then the Lord told me to hold for 1 year. Without going into details,

I am on the treshold of a new beginning in 2023. It’s actually now 41 years since the Lord planted the seed for all this in Fulton, Missouri at the Missouri school for the deaf.